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L&A Health offers counselling sessions for individuals who are seeking assistance with depression, grief, stress and transition/change. 

Individuals who are in need of support or guidance to which can relieve their presenting symptoms can speak to one of our qualified staff. 

The supportive and understanding environment ensures ease with conversations and effective intervention/strategies. 

Email below with your name, best contact number, presenting symptoms and you will receive further information and or email to book an appointment. 

Couples Therapy

Often there are breakdowns and changes within relationships to which can lead to distress. In some instances speaking with a third party can ease the symptoms presented.

L&A Health offers a confidential, supportive environment to which couples can speak openly and authentically with each other without the risk of feeling judged or criticised.


Our aim is to strengthen relationships and enhance communication which can lead to satisfaction and greater happiness within relationships


Email below with your name, best contact number, presenting symptoms and you will receive further information and or email to book an appointment. 

Life Coaching

Individuals looking for advice on general life endeavours and assistance to which can lead them to their goals and aspirations can contact L&A Health for life coaching. 

Life coaching can become a valuable asset with regards to co-ordinating and guiding certain pathways to success. Our coaches have experience in many areas of interest including employment pathways, well-being and life satisfaction. 

Our commitment is to bring you closer to your goals/interests. 

For more information send an email below with your name, best contact number and details to what area you would like to look into with coaching. 

Business Coaching

Sometimes in our careers we all need that edge, something to take us to the next level of our profession. Business coaching can be that edge providing tips and advice to which can enhance your performance whether that be in sales or general productivity. 

Our business coaches have qualifications in Organisational Psychology and coaching. With skills to enhance a personal productivity. Business coaching may be the source to your success or next promotion. 

Enquire today by sending an email below with your name, best contact number and what goals you would like to achieve with business coaching. 


With more than 10 years of experience in the training and assessing field our main presenter is an expert with regards to delivering and creating presentations. 

Presenting to health professionals and business experts our team offers presentations on an array of different topics. Workplace safety, workplace communication, mental health awareness and business strategies. 

If you would like to view our videos please click the view videos button below. 

If you would like to enquire about our presentations please click on the 'click here to email' for further information about our presentations. 

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