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Empower Yourself With L&A Health Training 

Impacting Organisations by influencing employees Psychological well-being to increase work performance


Welcome to L&A Health Training where we aim to increase workplace performance by focusing on your employees Psychological well-being. Through our specailized programs employees will break through barriers to which unlocks their performance and enhances their well-being in the workplace in return increasing work performance. We believe the psychological well-being of employees is the secrete to which will enhance work performance, create less turn-over and a work environment fostering best performance.

Thought-Based Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

Go Team

Business Coaching

We have a team of business coaches who are experienced in the needs and wants of your employees. Your employees get to choose were they will like to go, what goals they would like to achieve and how they will get there, aligned with your goals and vision for them. Our business coaches pride themselves in providing exceptional service that will propel your employee’s careers and life.

Business Meeting

Training Packages and Workshops

We believe that the way to access and unlock employee performance is to complete training packages and workshops that are tailored to your organisations needs and expectations. These training packages are psychological based providing strategies to which will elevate your employees work performance.

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Counselling / Psychological Services

Our counselling services and psychological services are exceptional, always providing best practice and understanding your circumstances first before providing advice or guidance. Sometimes individuals need a space to be able to speak and talk about their emotions/behaviour as opposed to anything else. We find that individuals work best by having someone that provides a space of comfort and open communication without judgement.

"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

Marcus Aurelius

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